Prayer to the Note
Doen Roshi explains the difference between art created through concepts versus practice and what it means to make spiritual art.

Mapping the Journey
Doen Roshi talks about the March Study Center update and connects the different ways we can map our practice and daily life.

Moments – Be Serious
This is an excerpt from one of Doen Sensei’s talks where he talks about the barriers of entry into the practice traditionally and how Lost Coin adapts the practices to modern times.

Moments – Making the Practice Real
This is an excerpt from one of Doen Sensei’s talks where he talks about making the practice real through the way we train and interact with our teachers.

Zen Aesthetics
Doen Sensei discusses themes found in Zen Art and the process of applying those perspectives into our daily lives.

Not Knowing
Doen Sensei talks about our true nature, which includes the absolute and the relative aspects of our identity, and how sitting grounds our being in emptiness.

History of Zen Buddhism

Everyday Life Becomes an Art
Doen Sensei talks about the Kamakura period in Japan and how Lost Coin’s practice is about using one’s own life as grounds for developing personal excellence.

The Practice of Zen Arts
Through modern or traditional arts Zen Arts is an expression of this moment. Doen Sensei’s Teisho paints us a picture of how to discover an art practice which reveals our barriers in life.

The Three Realms of Hell
Doen Sensei explains how we all live in the three Realms of Hell through the states of anger, ignorance, and greed. He emphasizes the importance of practicing with sincerity and heart.

Entering The Way
Doen Sensei explains what it takes to start practicing The Way in and out of a traditional monastery setting and how that applies to a modern practice. The physical challenges have evolved into subtle emotional obstacles everyone must face.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Easy
Doen Sensei addresses the challenges and difficulties of the practice. Whether you practice in a monastery or in your daily life, persistence and courage are necessary. Life is an adventure. Choose life. Choose adventure.

Riding the Ox Home
Doen Sensei talks here about maintaining a healthy practice in our mundane, and wondrous daily lives. Lost Coin Zen is a modern Zen: for our time and our culture while retaining the centuries old practice of the Buddha.

Moments – The Wholehearted Way
This is an excerpt from one of Doen Sensei’s talks where he talks about how practice is rooted in whole body practice and not an intellectual one.

Zen Mind – Sayings from Hongzhi
Doen Sensei talks about how in Cultivating the Empty Field, Zen Master Hongzhi aptly reveals how thoughts are descriptions of reality, not reality itself, and how our practice is to wash our minds of thoughts so that we can see real life.

The Golden Wind
Doen Sensei investigates the power of traditional Koan practice to assist us in erasing our mental and emotional preconceptions, allowing us to see the world more objectively and clearly.