The Final Seal
Doen Sensei talks about the tradition of receiving Inka and what it means to become a Roshi..

Enlightenment and the Lineage
Doen Sensei focuses on the significance of the student-teacher relationship in Lost Coin Zen training and the heartfelt commitment between teacher and student that the ceremony of Shoken marks.

Oral Tradition
Doen Sensei talks about the significance of Zen being an oral tradition and the importance of learning through experience.

The Yellow Brick Road
Doen Sensei uses the writings of the 2nd Ancestor of Zen, Seng-ts’an to expel our idea that we will be happy once we get what we want.

Finding The Ocean
Doen Sensei uses the Koan “Master Ma is Unwell” to remind us that practicing in everyday life is about searching for who you really are and yet can never grasp intellectually.

The Heart Sutra
Sensei expounds the infinitely subtle teaching of the Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra in a formal Teisho.

Just Passing Through
Sensei reminds us of the transitory state of life and how forgetting the self allows us to become one with our life and death.

Like a Dream – Rebirth
Using language that is at the same time simple and profound, Doen talks about the mind and outlines exercises for practice of the absolute and the relative. What lasts, what stays with you is the true Dharma, and great appreciation for this life.

Learning to Be Free
Sensei uses Phillip Glass, weight lifting, and Koans to explain the process and practice it takes to become free from Life and Death.

The Art of Koan Study
Doen Sensei tells us the secret to Koan study in one word, practice. He reviews three famous Koans and promotes a practical view on how to approach this practice and our life.

Branches of the Sandokai
Suzuki Roshi gives a talk on identity of Relative and Absolute through a discussion of sound and noise.

The Transmission of Light – Body & Mind Fallen Away
Doen Sensei reads from “The Transmission of Light” koan collection which contains the direct enlightenment experiences of the ancestors. Sensei explores and personalizes the koan of Dogen Zenji’s deep enlightenment experience.

Realization – The Heart of Practice
Doen Sensei reads from an article he wrote about Buddhism and Identity for the Buddhist Society. He talks about developing the fire and passion in life to always do your best and “be nice” while doing it.

Readings from Way of Everyday Life
Doen Sensei reads from “Way of Everyday Life“ or “Genjokoan“ written by Dogen Zenji. Doen Sensei talks about emptiness, enlightenment and delusion and how to devote our lives to the practice.

Cold Mountain – Find Your Buddha Body
Sensei uses the cold mountain poems to talk about this very body as the cold mountain- the place of emptiness and enlightenment. In doing so, he brings this old Chinese masterpiece of Zen poetry to life.

Hyakujo & A Wild Duck
The unknowable, unspeakable emptiness is described in this profound dharma talk by Doen Sensei. Sensei deconstructs this Blue Cliff Record #53 koan in a way that you actually experience that emptiness your self.

Wonderful Snowflakes
Layman Pang’s Wonderful Snowflakes: Blue Ciff Record #42A koan “Wonderful Snowflakes” becomes in Sensei’s inimitable way, a song about the immediate and direct experience of falling snow.