Alternative [audio:|titles= The Incredible String Band – Maya] [audio:|titles= The Incredible String Band – Koeeoadi There] [audio:|titles= Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Diamond Sea (Sonic Youth Cover)] [audio:|titles= Sonic Youth – The Diamond Sea] Experimental Composition [audio:|titles= Brian Eno – The Real] [audio:|titles= John Cage – Fontana Mix] [audio:|titles= Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain – Part 2] Classical [audio:|titles= Arvo Pärt – I am the True Vine] [audio:|titles= Alex Bell – Ave Maria] [audio:|titles= Alexandre Tharaud – Bach’s Concerto en ré mineur ] Modern Classical [audio:|titles= Daniel Doen Silberberg – Nowhere Else But Here] [audio:|titles= Daniel Doen Silberberg – Travelers] [audio:|titles= Terry Riley – The Cusp Of Magic] [audio:|titles= Charles Ives- Sonata No. 2 Concord] [audio:|titles= Philip Glass – Metamorphosis 2] [audio:|titles= Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi] Jazz / Improvisation [audio:|titles= Ornette Coleman – Sleep Talking] [audio:|titles= Brad Mehldau – Blackbird] [audio:|titles= Keith Jarrett – I Remember Clifford] [audio:|titles= Oregon – Winter Light – Deer Path] [audio:|titles= Bobo Stenson – Selected Recordings – What Reason Could I Give] [audio:|titles= Thelonious Monk – Underground – Ugly Beauty] Jazz [audio:|titles= Dave Holland Quartet – Conference of the Birds] [audio:|titles= Eric Dolphy – Hat and Beard – Out to Lunch!] [audio:|titles= Billie Holiday – They Can’t Take That Away From Me – The Best of Billy Holiday Billy Crystal Collection] Contemporary [audio:|titles= Van Morrison – Cleaning Windows] [audio:|titles= Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas – Going Home] Indian [audio:ádrá.mp3|titles= Ravi Shankar – The Sounds of Inda – Dádrá] Electronic Composition [audio:|titles= Brian Eno – The Real] [audio: Beauty In The Beast.mp3|titles= Wendy Carlos – Beauty In The Beast] [audio:|titles= Terry Riley – Across the Lake of the Ancient Word] Gurdjieff [audio:|titles= Thomas de Hartmann performing Gurfdjieff’s Hymn for Christmas Day-No.1] [audio:|titles=Thomas de Hartman playing Gurdjieff’s The Big Seven] Traditional Zen [audio:|titles= Tony Scott – Satori – Music for Zen Meditation] [audio:|titles= Good Morning in the Zanskar Valley] [audio:|titles= The Heart Sutra – Tibetan Master Lama Taashi chants] [audio:|titles= The Heart Sutra – Drops of Emptiness – Sister Chân Không & Thich Nhat Hanh] [audio:|titles= Shakuhachi Meditation Music Kyorei-Empty Bell]