Talks given by Lost Coin's Sensei's, Deshi's and our additional teachers

Study Center Update: September 8, 2021



This Study Center update includes videos of 5 talks from Lost Coin’s second generation of teachers.

Ryuen Sensei: July 15, 2021: Monkey mind and the practice of letting go.  This talk is about what the “effort” of a Zen practitioner looks like, as explained to us by Shakiyamuni Buddha.


Ryuen Sensei: June 17, 2021: What does it mean to have power in our practice?  In Carlos Castenda’s book, The Teachings of Don Juan he talks about “controlled folly.”  This is a way of looking at our lives and how to approach our lives with less suffering and more responsibility.

Ryuen Sensei: August 26, 2021: Using the idea of Gurdjieff’s “chief feature” to talk about where we get stuck and where we hurt ourselves (and others) when we are unconscious in our actions and our thinking. 


Ryuen Sensei and Joen Sensei: August 29, 2021: In this talk Joen Sensei describes the unlimited nature of this very moment. Exploring this teaching Joen uses a Dogen Zenji quote about ‘not knowing.’


Joen Sensei: August 15, 2021: Joen Sensei uses the Koan The Beardless Barbarian to point to the importance of receptivity and not knowing.


Study Center Update: Joen Sensei 



In a series of interlinked talks, Joen Sensei discusses the three essentials of Zen practice–great doubt, great faith, and great determination. Focusing on Lost Coin’s transmission of a practice-based lineage, he describes how these fundamentals snatch our beliefs, show us who we really are, and inspire us to keep walking the path of practice.

“Great Doubt” – March 21, 2021

“Great Faith” – March 28, 2021

“Great Determination” – April 4, 2021

Study Center Update: RYUEN SENSEI



In two talks focused on Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, Ryuen Sensei explores how we can deepen our personal freedom by adopting the warrior’s stance and becoming one with our karma in the relative world.

“The Freedom to be Yourself” – November 17, 2020

“The Warrior’s Stance” – February 25, 2021

Study Center Update: Julie Reiser Deshi



In two linked talks, Julie explores how the Heart Sutra tries to steal all of our ideas, concepts, and beliefs and, thereby, help us realize that we already manifest prajnaparamita, or the wisdom beyond wisdom, in every moment of our lives.

“Lassoing a Cloud” – February 14, 2021

“The S.S. Prajnaparamita” – February 21, 2021